Drake Inglesi Milardo focuses on the specialized needs of each individual and custom designs our programs to provide the tools your managers need to make a successful transition. This tailored customer-centered approach consistently exceeds our client's expectations. Our Management Level Outplacement programs all offer the same level of outplacement support and vary only in the length of the program (from six to twelve months) and include:

  • Coping with Post-Termination Concerns.
  • Career Path Planning. Many individuals are confused about whether they should change careers, remain in similar career paths, or embark on a completely new venture. Comprehensive career counseling utilizing assessment tools helps clarify these issues.
  • Job Search Strategies. We help individuals create a realistic, step by step plan and strategy to successfully achieve their career objectives.
  • Resume Development. We help the candidate develop an effective set of resumes and cover letters to implement his/her marketing campaign.
  • Interview Training. Counselors train the candidate in the most effective ways of presenting his/her background during the interview including video-based training.
  • Negotiating With a New Employer. We work closely with the candidate in developing an effective agreement with any new employer and/or assist in selecting among various job offers. They will teach negotiating strategies and assist the candidate with sifting through compensation options.
  • Support Counseling. We will provide support counseling to assist in handling the inevitable emotional "ups and downs" to this career search process. The candidate's spouse or significant other can also "sit in" on any counseling that they both deem appropriate.
  • Office Support. Experienced Executive Assistants provide resume preparations, mailings and other needs. This is a "home away from home" where your managers can make calls and do the work they need to do to conduct a successful job search.