Outsourcing Human Resources In Portland, ME

Outsourcing of Human Resources in whole or in part has been an expanding process over the past few years. Some elements of human resources management have been easily and normally outsourced such as payroll, 401(k) administration, benefit plans, recruiting, etc. But since 2005 a growing number of companies have chosen to outsource more traditional HR functions including employee relations, coaching, staff development, employee communication, training, safety, human resources risk/compliance assessments, human resources operations and others.

Our services at Drake Inglesi Milardo include providing HR Services to various size companies and at varying degrees of service. Not only do we provide services to large organizations who realize the value of an outside HR expert but we provide all inclusive HR Services to small organizations (less than 100 employees) that are based on the client’s needs. One client utilizes a program we designed and implemented that is a very progressive incentive compensation program intended to manage progress and outcomes. After being in place for the past four years it still functions very effectively for both employees and the organization. We occasionally get asked to help employers deal with “dicey” employee relations matters. In many situations involving employee relations issues the “outside” involvement reduces the risks and insures reasonable resolutions. No employer can have a full staff to deal with all the complexities involving the human resource side of their business – to outsource their needs in this area makes good practical, financial and solid business sense.

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In conjunction with outsourcing services, providing guidance and establishing a mentoring relationship with seasoned human resources professionals can help elevate and enrich an existing small HR department. Because many companies have HR staff who do not have the depth or breadth of experience and qualifications in specific elements of human resources, they often ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ – and this can be risky. At Drake Inglesi Milardo we work with HR departments to identify opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. Sometimes this involves re-designing the department, and revising processes and/or procedures to more effectively serve the needs of the organization. It may include oversight and one-one-one mentoring of HR staff. Working with an outside expert can provide new and invigorated HR energy to the organization.