Why Choose Drake Inglesi Milardo?

With over 35 years of consulting experience and a deep and diverse client base, Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc serves our corporate clients to strengthen their unique brand by developing to maximum capacity their most talented, motivated and smartest leaders!
Our educational backgrounds in psychology and counseling translate into a business consulting process that balances patience with efficient service and carefully considers both qualitative and quantitative data. We spend whatever time necessary to get to know your team and maximize individual potential to work for the bottom line.
At DIMI, we use relevant leadership assessments to include: The 360 Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Hogan Leadership Challenge, Emotional Intelligence test and a suite of proven assessments designed specifically to evaluate your current and future leaders.

Leadership Programs & Professional Development


Developing Great Leaders - We have the tools, expertise and thirty-five years of experience to help you grow your leadership at every level!

Result-High Performers Yield High Rewards!

Our unique and comprehensive methodology provides objective and empirical data that is the foundation for identifying and developing your leaders.

Result-A Leadership Development Plan that is Purpose Driven.

The Drake Leadership Model - The Drake suite of proven empirical, diagnostic assessments and examining in depth both the personal and professional history of the person being evaluated.

  1. A suite of proven empirical, diagnostic assessments.
  2. Our own Core Themes™ methodology. (add link to the Core Themes website)
  3. The 360 Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).


About Us

About Us

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Professional Assessment Services

Professional Assessment Services

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