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Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc. is a leading human resources consulting firm in Portland, ME. We've helped individuals navigate careers and worked with business owners to grow their companies by providing exceptional talent management and team development.

We believe effective leadership and organizational change go hand in hand. As such, we partner with you to make purposeful, effective changes that fit your mission and vision. We protect your brand as an employer so that people want to work for you and so that talented employees see a bright future in staying on your team.

We stand apart from other providers because of our approach. At Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc, our services are based on a foundation that combines a strong relationship with our clients and information collected from professional assessments. We get to know our clients well and tailor each project individually. Our consultants are licensed to administer and interpret a suite of assessments including Myers Briggs®, Strong Interest Inventory®, Strengths Finder®, LPI, Genos, Pearson Assessments, and more.

Whether you want to hire new employees or cultivate growth within your current team, you can depend on Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc. to help.

For corporate clients, our services span the entire employment lifecycle. Our goal is to ensure your success at every stage. From attracting, evaluating and choosing candidates, employee onboarding and performance evaluations to professional development planning, executive coaching and outplacement you can rely on us.

Whatever your human resources needs might be, you can rely on us to handle them for you.

About Us

About Us

Get to know the team at Drake Inglesi Milardo.

Leadership Coaching and Development

Leadership Coaching and Development

Trust us to help you grow your business.

Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

Choose an experienced HR company.

Professional Assessment Services

Professional Assessment Services

Help your employees grow within your company.

Why choose Drake Inglesi Milardo?

With decades of human resource consulting experience and a deep and diverse client base, Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc. serves clients and companies in many ways, all related to helping people communicate, plan and succeed.

We listen to each client and tailor our program to each individual situation. The list below outlines just some of our wealth of services.

Human Resource Management

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Planning Professional Development
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Job Descriptions
  • Reorganization
  • Outplacement

Professional Development

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Organizational Behavior Workshops
  • Change Management

Career Development

  • Career Education
  • Transition Navigation
  • Career Coaching
  • Job Search Guidance

Make the best talent in the area a part of your team. Contact Drake Inglesi Milardo today for more details about our career counseling services in Portland, ME.

Developing Real Leaders Who Achieve Personal and Professional Success

At DIMI our focus and expertise is developing leaders who achieve professional success and personal satisfaction and exhibit these qualities:


  • Core values, beliefs & high morals
  • Personal and Professional Ethics
  • Motivation aligned with Organization's Mission
  • Personality Traits, Temperament & Attributes aligned
    with role and Core Competencies of position
  • High Emotional Intelligence
  • High level of Trustworthiness
  • Internally Driven to do things of importance
  • Genuinely Cares about people
  • Humility but high self-esteem


  • High Cognitive Capacity
  • A Visionary and Strategist
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Superb People Management Skills
  • Relevant Expertise & Experience
  • Adaptive Communication Style
  • Matching Core Competencies
  • Ability to Influence, Build Trust and Followship

Our unique and proven "one of a kind" five phase methodology created from thirty-five years of evaluating and coaching thousands of professionals:

Phase 1

Examine and record the executive's personal and professional history. Our personal values, beliefs, morals and personal development have been "shaped" by three important factors:

1. The People Factor-our parents or whoever who raised us, our teachers who taught us, our siblings, extended family members and friends, our coaches, college professors and our bosses and colleagues. And of course, our significant other and children!
2. The Events Factor-those most critical life experiences occurring at a time in our life and having lasting impact on how we live and view the world. Examples being 9/11 and most recently the Pandemic.
3. The Situations Factor-These are the everyday and common life situations such as buying a home, changing jobs, dealing with a temporary illness. These type of experiences are very important but do not rise to the level of an Event. However, they certainly have the potential.

Result: Having this deep history and the individual completing the "Getting To Know You" exercise provides a wealth of data that combined with the three empirically based evaluations become the foundation for creating the person's Leadership Development Plan and Pathway to Leadership in the organization.

Phase 2

The individual undergoes a comprehensive suite of empirically based assessments that measure:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Communication Style
  • Personal Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Hogan Leadership
  • Motivational Profile
  • Interest Profile

    • Result: We now have a wealth of objective-based data showing the individual's strengths and specific areas in need of development.

Phase 3

The 360 Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) has two components:
The individual completes the LPI self-rating assessment on five key leadership dimensions.
A select number of colleagues to k: individual's boss, colleagues and direct reports complete the LPI assessment.

Result: We now have critical data from key colleagues to compare to the individual's own perception of his/her leadership profile. This identifies specific areas of strength and areas for development.

Phase 4

Core Themes (tm) are defined as a person's values, needs and interests and act as a "compass" to guide the person in both their personal and professional life. Please see attached document or go to the Core Themes website to learn more about this powerful model and the impact one's Core Themes have on directing a person's career and personal life. There are four phases involved in the Core Themes process.
See phases 1&2 above.

This phase involves going deeper in understanding what really matters in the person's life with respect to core values and beliefs. Various "homework" is assigned to include carefully and purposely selected books and articles. The individual is also asked to respond in writing to several questions designed to gain additional insights into the person's motivations and goals.

In this phase, the individual identifies their personal and unique Core Themes.
This phase is where we develop a strategy to execute the person's Core Themes.

Phase 5

In this phase of the process, the manager/executive in partnership with his/her boss and the consultant create the Leadership Development Plan and a Career Pathway.

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