Employees are an investment. One way to get the most of your investment and realize business growth through employee success is to start with our unique 360° leadership assessment and executive coaching . This service provides a manageable, concrete professional development plan leading to improvements across the organization related talent allocation, organizational development, professional growth, employee engagement, improved communication and overall productivity.

Benefits of the DIMI Executive Checkup program for corporate clients:

  • Top performers develop the right skills to become leaders.
  • Managers will spend less time problem solving people issues and more time enabling team success.
  • CEOS and business leaders gain insights about many high level aspects of their business including organizational structure, employee satisfaction, professional development programming and more.
  • The 360 assessment process results in value well beyond the growth of one employee.

Benefits of the DIMI Executive Checkup program to individuals:
  • We guarantee anonymity so the feedback you receive is honest and useful.
  • Our 360° analysis is tailored to each individual client because it combines data from ratings and assessments with qualitative observations collected through our meetings with stakeholders in person.
  • Our assessment process results in an professional development plan consisting of a manageable, specific action items.
  • We establish consensus with the individual before sharing the results of our 360° Leadership Development assessments and finalizing the action items with managers.
  • Clients are provided individualized coaching based on customized results.

Why choose Drake Inglesi Milardo for your 360° feedback assessments?
Our educational backgrounds in psychology and counseling translate into a business consulting process that balances patience with efficient service and carefully considers both qualitative and quantitative data. We spend the time it takes to get to know your team and put individual potential to work for the bottom line.

At DIMI, we use relevant leadership assessments including The Leadership Challenge: LPI and the Hogan Development Survey in addition to our library of proven assessments about communication style, emotional intelligence, and work behaviors.

Please call us to learn more about how we can focus the growth of your team and help you build your business.