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Career Counseling In The Portland, ME Area

The seven key elements that influence career success and satisfaction:

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Intellectual Abilities and Aptitudes
  • Personality Traits and Characteristics
  • Motivational Qualities and Underlying Needs
  • Personal Value System
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Interests

The right career is an essential ingredient to your overall fulfillment and success. Satisfying, rewarding work is not only one of the most important aspects of personal well-being but also leads to a greater degree of professional achievement and success.

Through a process which includes comprehensive interviews and an intense examination consisting of assessment tests and written exercises, we will provide you honest, objective information essential to understanding more about yourself.

Drake Inglesi Milardo's Career Counseling and Planning in Maine is a powerful and important resource whether you are in a pivotal life transition such as early retirement or corporate downsizing, need to gain more control over your life, or are seeking personal growth.

The experience of Drake Inglesi Milardo's counselors and the reliability of our career assessment tools can provide you with the insight you need to make informed career and lifestyle choices. We are known throughout Maine and New England as career counseling specialists in providing career services to individuals from a wide range of industries and positions.

If you have recently graduated or are about to graduate from high school, community college, college or graduate school and are trying to figure out what to do next, we can help! Our team has years of experience working with individuals like you who need assistance in planning for their post-academic futures. We understand the stress that accompanies selecting a career and finding a job, especially after being accustomed to being in school for so many years.

At Drake Inglesi Milardo we can provide you with a number of different services to assist you in your career exploration.

These include:

  • Assessment of interests, personality characteristics, skills, strengths and other information relevant to choosing the right career
  • Assistance in the preparation of marketing materials (resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters)
  • Development of networking skills: how to find contacts, steps to take, how to formulate appropriate emails/letters, informational interviewing
  • Enhancement of interviewing skills
  • Guidance in the utilization of social networking sites
  • Assistance in job searching and researching the market
  • Help with managing your job search campaign
  • Acquisition of negotiation strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

When people hear the term "career counseling", they often have some uncertainty about what it means. Below are some questions we've often encountered over the years.....

Why would someone seek career counseling?

People are drawn to career counseling for myriad reasons. Some individuals are unsure as to what kind of an occupation holds their interest and want to find one that appropriately fits their skill set. Others are people who are currently working and questioning whether they want to switch careers. Still others are students who need help with the tools needed to find jobs, such as resumes and interviewing skills.

What could a career assessment help me discover?

Career assessments can shed light on things as diverse as your specific aptitudes, personality traits, primary motivators and career interests. We offer a wide range of career assessments

What kinds of skills could I obtain through career counseling?

In addition to helping you gain insight into your skills, traits, drives and goals and figuring out the next steps to take in getting a job, we can also provide you with pragmatic skills to assist you in your job search. We can help you learn how to write great resumes and cover letters, create social networking profiles, accrue effective real-world networking skills and develop the ability to confidently and excellently handle interviews of various styles.

What are some examples of things we would do at our appointments?

It completely depends on the focus of your career counseling with us! We individualize our services to your needs. The first few appointments, however, do typically cover the same things. The first appointment will involve an interview with you to help us discern your needs and goals. This session may be followed up by career assessment and assessment feedback. The next session would cover the specific goals we've created for you for career counseling. Additional sessions could address everything from practicing job interviews to devising steps to get a particular job to increasing your motivation to seek a career.