Individual Coaching Services In Portland, ME

Drake Inglesi Milardo consultants have been providing leadership coaching and development, formal and informal, for over two decades. As leadership coaching and development has become a more differentiated and sought after service in recent years we have worked to formalize our coaching process. While the general outline of our process is described below, it should be noted that our services are highly individualized. We don't believe in or advocate cookie cutter approaches.

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Individual leadership coaching and development services can effectively address issues related to management effectiveness, leadership style, dysfunctional behaviors and organizational effectiveness. Leadership coaching and development work involves helping an individual become more effective in their current role, and, when appropriate, also helping them prepare for subsequent roles.

The process starts with a thorough understanding of the individual being coached as well as the organizational context in which they work. It is important to incorporate input and feedback from the individual's manager, peers and reports as well as a professional assessment results. Progress should be monitored throughout the coaching process.

The leadership coaching and development process starts with a thorough assessment. This includes psychometric assessment using cognitive, personality, motivational, interest and leadership instruments. Assessment can also incorporate information from performance reviews, surveys, manager impressions/insights, and, in some cases, interviews with a selected group of people who interact with the coaching candidate. This information is synthesized and broken down into themes regarding strengths and possible limitations/opportunities. The coaching candidate is given feedback on these results, and through discussions with the candidate focus areas and goals are identified.

The next step in the process is to have a meeting with the coaching candidate's manager and a representative from human resources. This step involves alignment of the candidate's goals with the needs and perspective of their manager and the organization. A candidate's manager and human resources also need to know how they can support the development process.

Assuming that a leadership coaching and development candidate is suitably motivated and seen as having the basic abilities needed for change, coaching sessions are initiated. We generally contract for a given number of coaching sessions (five), and then assess progress when those sessions are completed. If it is concluded that progress is being made and that further progress can be made, another five sessions are started. It is our experience that most of the benefits from coaching are delivered in these first five to ten sessions. We often have periodic phone or face-to-face follow-up with some coaching clients, but these are informal and not part of the coaching contract.