Core Themes:

Key Principles To Achieving Success And Happiness In Your Career

Core Themes Hierarchy

The Core Themes Hierarchy defines the building blocks to unleash executive potential, with each area sequentially building on the prior to increase performance and maximize leadership ability

Foundational Core Themes: Heart

Heart is the passionate pursuit of family and friends, which is a baseline for career performance

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Friend and Family support

Love and lead my spouse

Maniacally love my children with passion

Be Present

Be Encouraging

Be Strong

Be There

Create smiles, not tears
Relationships influence energy and productivity

Un-balanced relationships create negative effects

Healthy relationships create energy and strength

Creation of a "no bullshit" network
Tension exists between work and family

Changing equilibrium will cause anxiety

Family needs to understand my career and its importance

Scheduling is vital

Patience will be key

Good idea to identify non-negotiables
Increased anxiety and self-criticism

Jeopardizes the relationship with my kids, my spouse and limits career advancement

Isolation and loneliness

Guilt, on both sides

Pressure, emotional dissonance and tension

Foundational Core Themes: Wellness

Wellness is the pursuit of health to maximize energy, expand capacity and optimize productivity

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Healthy lifestyle:

o Exercise
o Healthy Diet
o Reflection

Higher efficiency, productivity and energy

Positive relational engagement

Increased capacity
Life and death

Improves outlook

Poor health starts the day with negative energy

Exercise and mental sharpness go together

Fuels grit & perseverance

Enables an extra gear

Enhanced prioritization

Reflection is important

Health enables focus on strategic goals and drive creativity

Prioritizing wellness should be considered part of my job

Find colleagues that hold me accountable to my health
Lack of stability

More reactionary, lower self-control

Difficulty organizing

Mind races


Barrier to reaching full potential

Foundational Core Themes: Encouragement

Encouragement fuels the fire of internal motivation and fortifies determination and grit

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
I am skeptical and a harsh critic of myself

Encouragement and recognition are drivers of my ability to push myself

Tied to internal motivation

The feeling of solid support and backing

Absence of political wrangling

Balanced against high work standards

Support allows me to move through obstacles

Draw strength from colleagues and senior leaders

Committed to organizational goals

Feedback lets me know I am on the right track

Mentorship is important

Must create an environment of encouragement as a leader to expect to receive it in return

Open environments with rapid, unedited feedback are best for me

Positive reinforcement keeps my efficiency and productivity high

Fatigue, confusion and frustration

Struggle to understand expectations

Will question myself

Limits creativity and progress

Teams breakdown

Difficult to retain talent

Career Driver Core Themes: Creativity

Creativity gives purpose to career and encourages teamwork, promotes diversity and embraces change

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Ability to create gives my life purpose

Challenges status quo

Reinvents, redesigns and transforms

Thought freedom w/o judgment

Trust and failing forward

Creation is rewarding

Pride in the output

Comradery and teamwork

Groundswell excitement

Building/Owner mentality

Pride in the final product

Learning in the process

Value proposition enhancement

Positive about hard work

Tangible output connected to level of input

Problem solving

Appreciation for diversity

Respectful workplace

Close connections with colleagues

Strict separation between teams is not right for me

Brainstorming is part of culture

Support for sharing ideas crucial

Contribution to shaping culture is important

Cross-business exposure is vital

Strive for diversity of thought

Autonomy is key

Visible/Vocal leaders resonate

Alignment between reward and creativity

Lack of meaning in work


Difficulty contributing

Inability to compete

Slow bleed of business value

Lack of talent

Decreased motivation

No forward momentum

Career Driver Core Themes: Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is staying future focused, pursuing the hard questions and outlining the roadmap to success

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Architect of the future

Outline the roadmap for success

Strategize to optimize

Pursuit of the hard questions

Feeling alive through dreaming of what could be

Constant improvement

Future focused

Strategic thinking motivates

Top-down view of the whole business provides context and understanding

Without strategy development, panic ensures

A plan keeps me grounded and focused

The business process can always be better

Prevents burn-out because of constantly shifting problems

I must be allowed to lead and to feel supported in driving change

Others may be threatened by my tenacity and willingness to share ideas beyond my role

Strong strategic frameworks create solid footing

Weak strategic frameworks create frustration

Working within an ownership culture is important

Freedom of dialogue and environments in which leaders appreciate being challenged are most
appropriate for me

Leads to feeling of complacency

Frustration due to lack of contribution to the whole will arise

I can become difficult to work with when I am not "allowed" to contribute to strategic vision

I begin to feel obsolete

Time feels like its running out

Contributions to the business feel meaningless

Career Driver Core Themes: Continuous Learning

Continuous learning embraces weakness and encourages teamwork by promoting diversity and eliminating ego

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
The acceptance of not knowing

Necessary for adaptation of strategic plan to increase probability of success

Enhances compassion and understanding

Appreciation for different perspectives

Courage to ask questions and to be open about weaknesses

Holistic decision making Inclusivity of colleagues
Change and improvement comes from learning

Opens opportunity

Enhances contribution and increases confidence

Allows the construction of better teams

Increases credibility

Openness and lessening of bias

Enhanced strategy development
Ego has no place

Environments that support learning opportunities - CAIA, CPWA, CFA - are best for me

Companies that prioritize time to observes and learn align with me

Leadership requires listening and learning

Must ask better questions

Don't be afraid to ask tough questions

Absence of learning breeds complacency

More difficulty in overcoming major obstacles

Reduction in diversity of thought and promotion of group think

Negative path-dependencies can be created

Wasted resources

Loss of talent

Core Themes Accelerators: Challenge

Challenge ignites motivation, sharpens skills and creates drive, reinforcing growth and development

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
The path to accomplishment and growth comes through challenge

Big obstacles are the most important to business success

Courageous action

Overcome fear to get to the right answer

Lean on teamwork and resources instead of individual contribution

Satisfaction and morale is higher when challenges are overcome
Challenges propel organizations forward

Ability to respond to challenge can mean the difference between organizational success and failure

Sense of accomplishment is greater the bigger than challenge - creates high interest

Leadership is tested by challenges - I learn more about my ability to lead with challenges vs. maintenance Gives my career meaning
Slow-paced, mature companies are difficult environments for me

Make sure I don't pursue too many or create massive challenges that stretch resources too thin

A focus on "one big thing" instead of many small things is more satisfying to me

Enjoy the work, don't rush, be patient

Assembling the proper team for each challenge is paramount

Quite simply, I get bored

Frustration from the inability to contribute to driving change

Failure to stay relevant

Diminished leadership experience

Lack of inspiration and motivation

Inability to be a visible leader

Loss of career meaning

Core Themes Accelerators: Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching and Mentorship provides experience and knowledge, supports decisions and solidifies confidence

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Leaders, experienced professionals and peers that take an interest in my professional development

A support network of advice and experience to make major career and life decisions

Supportive network to grow and learn

Ongoing development and sharpening of skills; learning from experience

A guide network that truly cares about my life, my goals and my contribution to the organization

Mentorship relationships help me face difficult obstacles and focus my energy on what's important

Feeling supported and having a true listener increases productivity and certainty around business decisions

Mentors can serve as "reality checks" that help correct perception errors

It allows a conduit to "get things off my chest"

Allows for a shared struggle instead of individual approach

Mentors become life-long friends and it is a two-way street
A lack of mentorship support from senior leaders or a culture where it is lacking could stymie my development

I will be able to contribute at a higher level with the right guidance

I will doubt myself less often with the support of a seasoned veteran

Confidence will increase and conviction on difficult projects/decisions will be easier

An expanded network is vital to engaging a diversity of thought

Doubt and a lack of conviction

Isolation, more wrong decisions without the benefit of experienced guidance

Nowhere to go with frustration

No course correction, reality check or feeling of support

Second guessing, potentially paranoid about the actions of my peers and colleagues

Inability to achieve my best and highest use

Lots of relational mistakes, decrease in EQ and apprehension to share true thoughts

Core Themes Accelerators: Radical Transparency

Transparency creates trust by encouraging creativity, fostering idea generation and supporting business execution

MeaningImportanceCareer ImplicationsAbsence
Highly open, socialized and culturally embedded shared approach to organizational processes, data, human capital,
evaluation  and feedback

Responsibility to act decisively, receive real-time, unfiltered feedback, values the right answer as primary goal

Decision making is carried out publicly, working towards the broadest set of feedback to determine the right course of action

Dynamic, change-ready, ability to turn on a dime

Values the collective good over the individual
Transparency makes me stronger and allows me to identify weaknesses

Eliminates guessing what others are thinking

Benchmarks my performance versus peers and allows for collaborative approach to improving skillsets

Allows for effective leadership and better career development

Helps me focus and contribute directly to the bottom line

Allows for idea generation and motivates hard work
I am not afraid to raise my hand and challenge a widely held view

I need feedback to work effectively, otherwise I can self-sabotage

Environments that encourage mixing across business lines, roles and hierarchy are good for me

The ability to be heard is important to me

Encouragement to brainstorm and share ideas helps unlock my potential

Open transparency on effectiveness is key to my career growth
Always second-guessing

Never knowing where I stand

Difficult to develop relationships

A lack of trust can develop and lead to difficult interactions Change is more difficult

The best ideas may not make it to the top

Inability to see other perspectives

Lack of diverse influence on my decision making