When executives leave your company, the potential impact can be significant because of their critical involvement at the highest levels in the organization. It is prudent for the overall organizational well-being that you are sensitive to the needs of these senior level individuals.

Drake Inglesi Milardo's Executive Level Program is characterized by attentive, personalized outplacement services tailored to the executive's needs. The very best of our experience and efforts are embodied in this program. Top executives have special needs as they explore new career opportunities. Financial resources are not usually the critical issue facing executives. Many take this opportunity to re-examine their career choices. They are almost always interested in choosing a career path that has purpose and special significance to them. Our experience is that many of these talented executives want control over their lives and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Oftentimes, this means starting or buying into a business or accepting an equity position within an existing business.

Our distinctive approach recognizes all of these unique issues and is focused on all the facets involved in a career transition at the senior level. We assist executives in using the skills and abilities that have brought them past successes and which can be redirected to new career goals - with dramatic results.

Our success with Executives is extraordinary. We are committed to providing them the highest levels of strategic counsel and customizing resources to transform a difficult experience into new personal and professional growth. Some of the distinguishing aspects of our Executive Outplacement Services include:

  • Unlimited consultation provided by one of the firm's principals
  • Comprehensive career and personal assessment
  • Personal introductions to other executives in our national network
  • Special entrepreneurial counseling
  • Professional financial and investment planning
  • Private offices with the latest technological resources and full administrative support.
  • Spousal and significant other career counseling