When circumstances dictate that your organization has to separate a group of employees (from 10 to 1000) Drake Inglesi Milardo's Group Outplacement Services are a very effective way to help your employees cope with their job loss and your organization to move ahead.

Whether you are separating a group of employees because of reorganization, business conditions, or mergers, the task is always difficult. Over the last two decades Drake Inglesi Milardo has assisted hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals in transition. Our depth of expertise and our commitment to being attuned to the challenges facing our clients has allowed us to find the right solutions and consistently exceed our client's expectations.

Drake Inglesi Milardo's Group Outplacement Services include:

  • Planning: We work with your management and human resources staff to thoroughly plan for the downsizing to ensure that an effective and humane plan is put into place. This could include all aspects of implementing the reduction such as selection criteria and communication - our expertise can help you avoid significant and costly pitfalls.
  • Separation Training for Managers: We work with your managers to assure that they are prepared for the actual termination and able to handle any sensitive situations or difficulties.
  • Separation Day Support: We are at your site on notification day to support your managers, talk to employees about their programs, deal with any situation that could escalate into a problem, and assist any employees having a difficult reaction.
  • Career Centers: The Career Center is often the choice when a large number of employees are being released. We are able to open career centers (both on and off site) for our clients with very quick turn-around time. Our career centers are productive, cost effective and an excellent way we serve the outplacement needs of our clients.