Some examples of Core Themes™ are:

  • "Significant commitment to personal and family time"
  • "Substantial travel and multi-cultural experiences"
  • "Work that provides for creative expression"
  • "Essential part of my work must be intellectually stimulating"
  • "Need to be autonomous and call my own shots"
  • "The most important component of my work has to be helping people in an intimate fashion"

Once the Core Themes™ are developed, they act as guides in choosing a career path that is aligned with who you are and what makes you happy. The end result is that you gain important insights that enable you to make decisions which result in a more inspired, transformed lifestyle.

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The following testimonies from a few of our clients say volumes:

"There are few occasions when you can say that a specific action substantially altered your life. I can, however, say that about Ray Inglesi's Core Themes work with me. I am now in an exciting and rewarding new career - my time with Drake Inglesi Milardo was clearly one of the best investments I have ever made."

Gary Daniels, former CEO, Penobscot Bay Medical Center


"I received outstanding support and guidance in determining my Core Themes and values and was provided with a direction that integrated these into a comprehensive career plan. I have a rewarding new career that I am enjoying and excited about. I highly recommend Drake Inglesi Milardo to anyone in need of career guidance and support."

Tom Jarvis, former Superintendent of Schools, Lisbon

"A combination of testing and counseling helped me to identify the key elements that needed to be in my professional life to make it energizing and rewarding. The frustration I felt was replaced with enthusiasm and clarity, and a new career opportunity."

Betsy Leggat, former Director of Sales, Gore-Tex


"I have found the career planning program offered by Drake Inglesi Milardo to be invaluable. Key to the program is the development of an individual's Core Themes. Thanks to the program I now understand what success means to me because I have found a position that fits me and has greatly enhanced my day to day satisfaction and happiness."

Jack Tripp, Pharmaceutical Sales