Core Themes

Drake Inglesi Milardo's Life~Career Planning Program - which we call Core Themes™ - is a powerful and life changing process. If you have lost the excitement in your work, feeling you are just "going through the motions" or have no balance and time to do the things you've dreamed of, then it is time to examine your life.

The goal of the Core Themes™ program is simple: to help you determine the life's work that will provide you the highest level of personal fulfillment and professional achievement.

Our unique approach has met with successful results with professionals from the legal field, senior and mid-level executives of retail, health care, manufacturing, finance, technology, insurance and education. These bright and competent professionals have discovered a greater sense of balance and purpose in their life, reduced level of stress and enhanced satisfaction in their work.

Drake Inglesi Milardo's Core Themes™ program consists of a unique process which includes comprehensive interviews, an intensive examination consisting of tests, written exercises, discussion, and targeted assignments.

At the heart of this program is the development of one's Core Themes™.
A Core Theme is defined as "an essential value, need or interest."

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